Who We Are

Together.do was founded by three experienced and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They have been joined by a talented team of product, data, and software professionals.

Photography of the 7-members team of Together.do

Meet Our Founders

Portrait of Leonard Sellem, co-founder and co-CEO of Together.do

Léonard Sellem


Cofounder and CEO of Demander Justice, the French pioneer of the B2C legaltech industry.

Formerly CFO of Qwant, a French privacy-focused search engine, and advisor of the French Minister of Foreign Trade.

Graduated from HEC Paris, majoring in Digital Strategy (part time in Telecom Paris)

Portrait of Jonathan Cyrot, co-founder and co-CEO of Together.do

Jonathan Cyrot


Cofounder and CEO of Kid’S Cool, which created and operated 22 nurseries in Paris region (over 10M€ revenue, 250+ employees). Sold to Babilou, the French leader of company nurseries.

Active investor and board member in 25+ start-ups.

Graduated from ESSEC.

Portrait of Jonas Levy, co-fonder and CTO of Together.do

Jonas Levy


Full stack web developer at PriceMatch, Booking.com then MindSay.

Strong experience in product management.

Engineer graduated from Centrale Supelec with a MS in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from ESCP.

Our Purpose



Empower e-retailers to reach their full potential by leveraging the power of partnerships and help them break through the barriers to growth.



Together aims to become the best partnerships acceleration platform. We want to turn Co-Acquisition into a a fully-fledged customer acquisition channel, building tools to discover relevant partners, execute campaigns and measure their efficiency.

Illustration of a woman watching a montain

Our Manifesto

Grow Together

SEO, Google Shopping, Influence Marketing… everyone is competing with the same playbook in a game that has become very expensive and risky to play.

It’s time to put an end to this waste of time, waste of money and waste of people attention.

It’s time to stop bidding against each other in a never ending race that has no other winners than the GAFAs.

It’s time to grow together.

Calling all those who are willing to take new routes to reach their customers. Alternative routes. Better routes. More enjoyable routes.

Routes to take together.

Our Values

Be kind

We spend long hours working together, so let's make them as enjoyable as possible. The first step is to be kind to our teammates and everyone we interact with in our job. Personal development is essential for economic success. We must all strive to make everyone in our organization feel valued and important to our mission. If they don't, they won't be able to contribute in any meaningful way.

Trust and amplify

By the standards of the rest of the world, we overtrust. We’re okay with that.

Be transparent

There is no such thing as petty frustration. Instead of letting them pile up, we address them before they start to interfere with our work. Likewise, there is no room at Together.do for corporate politics or hidden agendas. We all share the same agenda, formulated in our Mission and Vision.

Keep learning

We aim to hire inquisitive people who can acquire new skills independently. We've never finished learning, whether from each other or any reliable resource available.

Grow your business together

together.do just went live! During the beta period, the platform is available free of charge for companies to enroll, discover, and match with new partners, as well as create profile pages that disclose their partnership criteria

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Our offices

Our headquarters are located in Paris, but our team is growing remote.

You can find us here too!