What we do
A trustworthy third-party toolbox for e-merchants to match relevant partners and carry on successful collaborations

A unique matching engine for brands indexing the specific success drivers for partnerships

We help e-merchants find the perfect fit

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  • Each brand enrolled on together.do defines its objectives, and qualitative features related to its identity).

  • We take care of gathering a large set of datapoints (audience demographics, traffic, audience interests, competitors, ...) through partners’ APIs

  • Thanks to machine learning, the more partnerships are processed through our platform, the more relevant are matching proposals allowing e-merchants to find their partnerships according to their objectives and their brand identity

A project management tool focused on cross-company collaboration

Brands partnerships don’t need to be chaotic.

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  • A collaborative project has many stakeholders, whether inside or outside the partnering companies. No matter how many, we onboard them all in our app and remove friction to let them work together

  • We also built automations to speed up repetitive and time consuming tasks like CRM deduplication, random draws, cross-store product listing

  • For each kind of partnership, we provide our users with recipes (a set of tasks and automations) they can edit, share, and even monetize

  • together.do is the hub for partnership execution : users can store can discuss, assign and update tasks, upload and share files (media, content).

A secured buffer that can process business-sensitive data and return meaningful aggregated insight

We ensure our users their trade secrets are safe

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  • E-merchants may not be comfortable connecting their CRMs or core business tools with peers. As a result, most partnerships don’t leverage technology as much as they could. The need to share data among partners can create friction.

  • GDPR places huge responsibility on e-merchants for personnal data processing, refraining them from engaging partnerships involving any personnal data transfer

  • There can be a conflict of interest when the mesure of the efficiency of a partnership relies on each party. We are a trusting third-party to have an objective point of view of the ROI tracking.

Grow your business together.
together.do is in active R&D. We are working hard to build the best toolbox for collaborative commerce. Give us your email, we will be happy to share our progress with you and give you early access to our tools.
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