Job offer : Full stack engineer

August 11, 2022

[UPDATE Aug. 31st, 2022] This position has been filled. Thank you for the lots of awesome applications we received.

🤗 Who are we?

We go further together! Whether in our private lives or at work, partnerships are a key driver for growth. It's especially true for e-commerce. Brands are facing great difficulty finding the right company to collaborate with, or making a partnership concrete. They are facing soaring costs to acquire and retain their customers, essentially due to a deep reshaping of the targeted advertising industry (RGPD, iOS14 …). At we firmly believe that the future of online marketing is about partnerships. To support this claim, we are building a SaaS WebApp allowing e-commerce brands to improve their acquisition costs and brand image through partnerships.

🕵️‍♀️ Who are we looking for?

We are looking for our very first hires to improve our product and make our vision come true. The perfect fit will help us to build the core of our product bringing in his experience and ideas. He will work closely with our CPO and CTO alongside an UX designer, in an iterative and agile way. We value feedback, and expect him to be a driving force in the product organisation to help go further.

😍 Why us?

We are at the beginning of all! You will have a major impact on the very first days, with your work but also with your ideas around the product. We have a strong feedback culture, as our motto that we share with our customers and employees: “Be Stronger Together”.

We do 1:1 on a regular basis for you to be always happy in your job, and for the company to grow with your ideas.

Finally, we have a product that is pretty new on the market, with the goal to balance little e-commerce actors and big ones (we are the only ones to tackle acquisition costs with this point of view). If you believe in mutual aid, collaboration and links, come with us to overcome the challenge!

👷 Responsibilities

  • Develop features of Together product, end-to-end, to carry Together further.
  • Improve all tools around the project (CI/CD, deployment process, DevOps)
  • Imagine and create foundation of the code in its architecture, its tests and libraries
  • Be pro-active to help our process and our way to work to be better, for everybody to be happy working @together
  • Create binds between brands for them to stop giving money to Google, Facebook Amazon & Co

🧑‍🏫 Skills

  • Some experience in Back-end Object-oriented language framework (like Python, Ruby ou Java), and some with Front-end framework (like React, Svelte ou Vue). Our stack is based on VueJS and Ruby On Rails.
  • Know the web-app standards (HTML, CSS, Vanilla, create endpoints with role management, DB query optimisations)
  • Know to be pro-active to find solutions to product issues.
  • Strong team work spirit! We’re stronger together 😉


  • You already had a coding experience in a production environment

🤑 Salary

  • Depend on your profile and experience, no limit
  • Stock-options (BSPCE)

🏖 Benefits

  • Office at Opera, in Paris. Remote work is possible.
  • Swile for eating
  • Alan for health
  • Full Navigo pass reimbursement

💌 How to apply

Contact us by mail at, or by LinkedIn Message

Grow your business together. is in active R&D. We are working hard to build the best toolbox for collaborative commerce. Give us your email, we will be happy to share our progress with you and give you early access to our tools.
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