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Are your a D2C brand looking to skyrocket your audience and slash your customer acquisition costs? Look no further! will help you achieve exponential growth thanks to e-commerce partnerships.

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What you will get with Together

Rely on reliable data to make better choices aggregates data from thousands of brands' social networks, websites KPIs, and sort them into relevant clusters to help you find the best partner according to your values, business objectives and expectations.

Free Access to Our Cutting-Edge Matching Engine
Find the perfect partners to collaborate with for co-acquisition campaigns, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology that identifies brands that share your values, market, and audience.

Launch Co-Acquisition Campaigns with Best-Fit Partners
Say goodbye to the old-fashioned playbook and embrace the future of online marketing through innovative partnership strategies like:

Instagram Giveaways
Backlinks Exchange
Gift With Purchase
Packaging Inserts
Content Co-creation
Event Co-hosting
Product Collaborations
Product Bundling

How it works

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Use our cutting-edge matching engine to discover the best-fit partners for your brand. Connect with like-minded brands ready to collaborate and grow together

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Chat with the brands you chose and that chose you, without being spammed by irrelevant ones.
Invite your team to join the conversation

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Launch co-acquisition campaigns with your new partners, combining resources and efforts to reach more customers, lower acquisition costs, and strengthen your brand image

They believe in partnerships

Portrait de Théo Parant
Théo Parant
Fondateur & Artisan @Halto | rhums inspirés de nos régions
Founder & Craftsman @Halto | rums inspired by our regions

Un Tinder de marques nous a fait se connaître 💘 On organise un partenariat avec eau de maison Et pourtant on ne se connaissait pas avant de matcher sur ! Ce partenariat est notre 1er sur la plateforme ! Il résultera en un concours sur Instagram avec les supers produits pour la maison de Eric ibanez et Bruno Ibanez dans quelques semaines (stay tuned) ⏳ Jonathan Cyrot a crée Together, le 1er Tinder de marques… et ça marche ! Parce qu’il y a des milliers de marques et que le partenariat entre marques est un vrai canal d’acquisition Parce que contacter ces marques sur Instagram peut s’averrer chronophage Et pour pleins d’autres raisons dont il parlera mieux que mieux que moi Venez nous “liker” sur 😘

We met through a Tinder for brands💘 We are organizing a partnership with Eau de Maison, and yet we didn’t know each other before matching on! This partnership is our first on the platform! It will result in an Instagram contest with awesome home products from Eric Ibanez and Bruno Ibanez in a few weeks (stay tuned) ⏳ Jonathan Cyrot created Together, the first Tinder for brands… and it works! Because there are thousands of brands and partnerships between brands is a real acquisition channel. Because contacting these brands on Instagram can be time-consuming. And for many other reasons, which he can explain better than me. Come like us on 😘

Marie Beaudoire
Marketing Executive - Maison Sassy 🍻🥃
Marketing Executive - Maison Sassy 🍻🥃

Plus de 1100 likes et 900 commentaires sur le concours ! Un succès. 🚀 Une gagnante heureuse qui a déjà mis ses bouteilles de cidres Maison SASSY au frais ! 🍏🍻 Mon avis sur la plateforme ? Très facile d’utilisation & cible parfaitement les partenaires les mieux adaptés à votre marque. Je recommande à tout mon réseau. 👌🏼

More than 1100 likes and 900 comments on the contest! A success. 🚀 A happy winner who has already put her bottles of Maison SASSY cider in the fridge! 🍏🍻 My opinion on the platform? Very easy to use & perfectly targets the best partners for your brand. I recommend it to my entire network. 👌🏼

Brieuc Izenic
CEO & Associé chez Le Petit Dormeur 💤
CEO & Partner at Le Petit Dormeur 💤

Imaginez un monde où les entreprises françaises s'unissent pour créer une force imparable... 🤝 💡 Les partenariats Made in France sont la clé pour déverrouiller un potentiel incroyable et propulser nos entreprises vers le succès. Il n’y a pas de petit partenariat. Chaque nouvelle association est un pas de plus pour grandir. Le plus important est de choisir ses partenaires en restant cohérent avec les valeurs de son entreprise.

Imagine a world where French companies join forces to create an unstoppable force… 🤝 💡 Made in France partnerships are crucial to unlocking incredible potential and propelling our businesses to success. There is no such thing as a small partnership. Every new association is one step closer to growth. The most important thing is to choose partners that remain consistent with the values of your company.

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Why join now?

As a beta user, enjoy exclusive benefits including:
- Free access to all platform features during the beta period
- The opportunity to shape the future of by providing valuable feedback and insights
- Stay ahead of your competition by embracing the power of partnerships to break the growth ceiling

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