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A trustworthy third-party toolbox for e-merchants to match relevant partners and carry on successful collaborations.
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What we believe in
A platform to enhance partnerships

The last few years have been tough for e-merchants: iOS 14, GDPR, adblockers, and a legitimate claim for privacy have made customer acquisition costs skyrocket.

As a result, most e-merchants are turning to oligopolistic marketplaces. Doing so, they suffer from a power imbalance at their own expense: loss of bargaining power, as well as brand and customer ownership.​

At, we believe the next frontier of e-commerce is peer collaboration.

We won't replace marketplaces and their traffic anytime soon, but we aim at proving that there is a deep reserve for growth and margin in smart matching and partnership execution.​

So we decided to handle it.


What we do

Your brand is your most valuable asset. You're right to be overprotective of it.

At, we help you reclaim its ownership by controlling its environment, choosing your partners with care.

Once you've found them, you can use our platform to execute and monitor your partnerships.

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Graffiti on a brick wall: Together we create

Who we are is run by a team of 3 seasoned French entrepreneurs who believe in partnerships as a way to meet the challenges e-commerce is facing.

We are actively recruiting and are considering every application we receive, with a strong focus on engineering. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are enthusiast about our venture.

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Company news

6 questions to ask yourself before running a giveaway for your e-commerce website
Sep 6, 2022

Giveaways are a convenient way to grow a community, to raise its engagement, or to develop brand-awareness. On top of that, the more brands are taking part to a giveaway, the more attractive it is to a wider audience. But make no mistake: it can be ineffective, or even worse, counter-productive if you don’t plan it meticulously, asking yourself a few questions.

Job offer : Full stack engineer
Aug 11, 2022

[UPDATE Aug. 31st, 2022] This position has been filled. Thank you for the lots of awesome applications we received.

Grow your business together. is in active R&D. We are working hard to build the best toolbox for collaborative commerce. Give us your email, we will be happy to share our progress with you and give you early access to our tools.
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